Main service of Finance Excellence Agency is accounting that consists from bookkeeping of all regulatory evidences, booking of transactions, tax and payroll calculations, financial statements preparation as well as following regulations from the area of accounting and taxes and their timely implementation in the business books of a client.

Agency is led by a Certified Accountant, member of the Serbian Association of Accountants and Auditors since 1999, with many years of experience in accounting and taxes. We are proud to have good business cooperation with leading audit companies.

The desire to apply experience and expertise gained through the 17-year management of the accounting of one of the leading financial institutions in Serbia, instigated us to establish Finance Excellence Agency. We are proud to have high quality of services, well organisation, accuracy, reliability, correct business relationship and kindness.

For foreign persons - communication and documentation on English language.

Satisfaction of our clients is the goal and measurement of our success. Together we are team that wins!